• Makes any room feel larger.
    • Welcomes in more light.
    • Bay Windows are made with a picture window and either a double-hung or casement window on each side.
    • Bow Windows are made with 3 picture windows and a casement window on each side.
    • Double-hungs have tilt-in feature for easy cleaning.
    • Casements offer 90 ° hinges for each cleaning.
    • Casements feature flush-folding crank handles that are both stylish and easy to operate.
    • Seatboards and headboards are 1 3/8” solid plywood, with A-1 grade oak veneer on the interior and have a vinyl coating on the exterior for moisture protection.

    High Performance Glazing Options

    All luxury and premium Anlin replacement windows are built with one of two exclusive Glazing Systems: Infinit-e Plus™ (standard) High Performance Glazing System or QuadraTherm™ (optional) Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System. Both lead the industry in thermal performance.

    sound suppression technology

    In addition to saving energy, Sound Suppression Technology greatly reduces the transmission of noise from outside your home to the inside – making your home even quieter.

    Color Options

    White Vinyl (white exterior / white interior)
    Tan Vinyl (tan exterior / tan interior)
    Love the look of your home right down to the color of your window frames. With Anlin, you’ve got a lot of choices!
    Architectural Black
    Architectural Bronze
    Architectural Silver
    Classic Gray
    Red Pepper
    Rose Wood
    Desert Tan
    Divine Wine
    Forest Green

    Frame Options


    Glass Options

    Decorative Glass Options

    In addition to the clear, Low-E glass (standard), all windows can be ordered with any of the following decorative glass options:

    Standard Obscure
    Glue Chip
    Delta Frost
    V-Groove Glass

    V-Groove glass has a pattern that is precision engraved on the side of the glass that faces the insulating air-space. This provides an elegant, decorative effect while leaving your windows smooth and easy to clean. V-Groove glass is available in the following styles and a wide range of patterns:

    Full Polished
    Center Polished
    Safety / Tempered Glass

    All Anlin replacement windows can be ordered with optional tempered glass, which if broken, disintegrates into hundreds of small pieces, thereby helping prevent a possible injury.

    Grid Styles & Patterns

    Grid Styles
    5/8" Flat
    5/8" Sculptured
    1" Sculptured
    Grid Patterns
    Queen Anne